Green City Living in Eco-Friendly Asheville

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Health, wellness and ‘going green’, are top priorities, in eco-friendly Asheville. With sustainability programs, green home building and a farm-to-table food scene, the “Land of the Sky” is renowned for its focus on environmental responsibilities.

Living in a green city offers incredible lifestyle benefits. Perfect air quality, reduced costs and sustainable communities contribute to stress-free attitudes, overall good health and increased happiness levels.

Here’s a look at how Asheville leads the way, in green city living.

City Sustainability Initiatives

The city of Asheville implements comprehensive sustainability initiatives that surpass carbon footprint reduction goals. These include changing all streetlights to LEDs, advanced recycling programs and waste reduction. The community at large promotes initiatives, with, for example, some 80 percent of residents dedicated to recycling.

Along with city initiatives, it’s the eco-friendly Asheville locals themselves who ensure nature is preserved. Community volunteers work […]

6 Reasons Why Families Move to Asheville

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It’s ranked as one of the happiest and friendliest cities in the country, which are two very good reasons why families can’t wait to move to Asheville. Fresh mountain air, country-side land for sale and opportunities abound, for children to flourish in a healthy environment.

1. Families Move to Asheville for Strong Communities

With neighborhood events, local businesses and a thriving arts and craft scene, Asheville is imbued with the community spirit of a much smaller city. Locals enjoy a range of outdoor activities and recreation centers offer programs for anyone, from preschoolers to senior adults.

This sense of community extends to neighborhoods designed around working farms, gardens and leisure areas. Volunteering is a fantastic way of teaching children about giving back and many of Asheville’s citizens are involved in a range of support services, These include counseling, wildlife preservation, mentoring and tutoring.

2. Custom Homes and […]

5 Benefits of Building Sustainable Homes

sustainable homes

Sustainable homes are tuned in to their natural surroundings, incorporating eco-friendly materials and building processes. Not only are they aesthetically beautiful, Asheville custom green homes offer far-reaching social, economic and environmental advantages.

1. Sustainable Homes are Energy and Water Efficient

How would you like to lower you utility bills and even have the ability to “live off the grid”? Green building practices significantly reduce dependency on non-renewable sources, which are expensive and major contributors to environmental pollution.

Energy efficiency is at the core of green home building. Features include solar panels, closed foam insulation, sealed attic spaces, low-emissivity windows, advanced framing techniques and energy-efficient heat pumps. As a homeowner, your costs are reduced along with the decrease in heating and cooling requirements.

In terms of water usage, sustainable homes help to preserve supplies for future generations. With the use of […]