Green Building in Asheville

Grove Park Cove Custom Home, Green Building in Asheville

Green home building practices are an important part of our process, which makes us the #1 choice for green building in Asheville. We are custom home builders, thus we want to provide our clients with the home features that they desire, and there are ways to implement sustainable building practices that are really no-brainers for our clients! Low-flow plumbing fixtures and recycled or sustainable materials can easily be incorporated too. We build to a level of standard on all of our homes. Our standard green features include 2”x 6” advanced framing, closed foam insulation, sealed attic spaces, Zip System exterior sheathing, energy efficient heat pumps, low-e windows, and tankless hot water systems.

Let’s elaborate on these 3 green building features:

  • Low-E windows
  • Closed foam spray insulation
  • Zip System exterior sheathing
  1. Low-E stands for low-emissivity windows, which means that the windows are coated to block damaging rays such as ultraviolet and infrared rays. This is valuable because it helps make the home more energy efficient throughout the year and protects your interior finishes.
  2. Closed foam spray insulation has a high R value, which is the insulation level. The R value is the insulation’s ability to resist heat traveling through it.  This spray foam is dense and glue-like and it creates a strong core for a building, improving the building’s structure.
  3. The Zip System exterior sheathing eliminates the need for a house wrap. This is a water resistant barrier and air barrier for a house. It seals and protects your home from moisture damage and air leakage.

If efficiency and sustainability are really important to you, we can even build a Net Zero home. A Net Zero home includes solar heating and a geo thermal heating and air conditioning system. “Net Zero” means that your home is powered by the energy created by your home’s systems. You’re essentially living “off the grid.”

Whether you want to live off the grid entirely or prefer to simply have an efficient home on the grid, we can build it for you! We ARE #1 for green building in Asheville.